SourceOne Technology Solutions, Inc Fraud Plz be aware !!!

Dear members,

 Please Be-aware about [b]SourceOne Technology Solutions, Inc [/b]Fraud.

Suresh Cheepurupalli, so-called CEO of used to take 4000USD for H1B processing, but he never properly files H1B petiotion for single person.

Don't go through previous years count.

All of the batch who applied through sourceonce FY 2013, got RFE then denied.

He is charging 700 USD for RFE Queries to get attorney letter.

He never gives proper response to you and never respond to your calls. He forces you to take decision about H1B processing before you starts filing.

He is money minded person.

FY2013,  all H1b petiotions got denied due improper filing.

Don't be victim of [b]Suresh Cheepurupalli[/b] and [b]SourceOne[/b] FY 2014.

I am not his rival. I am victim's friend.

[b]SourceOne Victim's friend[/b]

I completely agree. Don’t go to this company. You will loose your 1year of your valuble time and money. He will be in touch only when he needs money from us.
My friend approached this company in 2012, it got denied in feb 2013. Again he is asking for 1000$ to reopen. and he suggested like instead of reopen, if we give 2000$ he will file new case in 2013.
Fraud Fraud Fraud…be aware of this company and this person… worst company we ever seen…

My humble request is Please don’t think about this galli consultancy.
Please take your money if you are already paid.

Please Please Please !!!
If you have any queries

Please mail me @

with you guys, i think we should do something about it

I’m the recent victim of SorceOne company. MR SURESH CHEEPURUPALLI he is a fraud fraud fraud guy. Don’t be victim of this guy for 2015-16. Once you pay the money he will never reply to your calls. It’s fraud company and I really don’t understand how USICS entertain this guy. Please don’t process your H1B through this GALLI company. I never ever seen single person who got approval from this company. PLEASE BE AWARE of MR SURESH CHEEPURUPALLI.

Please Be-aware about SourceOne Technology Solutions, MR SURESH CHEEPURUPALLI. He is a Fraud guy. He is in INDIA and he says he will go to US for H1B filing but he never go to US. I never see even a single person who got the approval from this GALLI company. Don’t go with this company for H1B filling for this year 2015-16.

SURESH CHEEPURUPALLI from SourceOne Technology Solutions hyderabad is the **** on earth, he traps the people by his attractive words and once you pay the H1b amount to his consultancy then he will show you the hell. don’t trust him, money minded fellow, so request you guys not belive SourceOne Technology Solutions.

I completely agree with all of you. I don’t understand how come he gets people to fool them. People are still getting victimised. I hope they read such genuine reviews .I totally agree with all the comments. I hope it further helps to other applicants. Suresh is a jerk. He doesn’t know how to talk and and pretends to behave like a CEO. He should join KG Classes to learn some manners and then act as a CEO. He is one insensitive and mental person playing with others money. He yells at people after taking money. He thinks he is the king of the world and can talk rudely. I wish someday justice is served and he pays for what he has done with innocent people.