Should we submit the exact experience letter/co-worker affidavit for i140 as we submitted for Perm?

I was working with Employer A, my perm was raised on Feb 23, 2021 with Employer B as a potential employer, I joined the Employer B on April 1 and then my Perm is certified on July 28.

  1. Should I add the experience letter from Emp B as well for the i140, in addition to my former employer Emp A’s letter? As I gained 4 months of experience with Emp B since then

  2. Should I submit updated (only the end date) coworker affidavit from Emp A? As I have that coworker affidavit signed on Jan 18, 2021 for the Perm, but after that I worked with Emp A for 2.5 more months before I leave the company on March 30.

The experience lettera must be from the past employers. These letters must confirm the duties that were performed in the position and the skills the employee gained while working at a company. The purpose is to confirm that the applicant gained the required, minimum skills for the PERM position required by the sponsoring employer from past employments.

I am not aware of any such affidavit required for I140. Please discuss this with your immigration lawyer.