Should I withdraw 221G ON F1?

I have applied for an F1 visa on 8th Nov 2021 and my application is in 221g Administrative processing from then and there is no update afterward.

So I’m confused wether to wait for the response or to withdraw the application and apply a fresh one in India?

Please suggest!

There is no guarantee that you will not get 221g the second time you apply. If I were you, I would wait for a decision.

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Thanks Kalpesh for the quick response.
I see it is common for h1 applications and even with f1 they ask for some documents, but in my case they haven’t asked for anything? Do you think it is kind of a name check or something?

Based on the 221g color it could be any backend process for validating I-20 or education institute or background check etc.

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It is a white slip. Please have a look. It doesn’t have any reference/case numbers as well.

As I guessed, white slip meaning consulate is checking with other agencies like USCIS/DHS for additional information regarding your case. It may take a while for the consulate to provide a decision on your Visa application.

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Hi Kalpesh,

Today my visa status changed from appointment to “Send Documents” but the CEAC is still showing as refused and there is no change in the date also.

I haven’t received any mail or anything on what documents to submit. Can you please tell me if you may have any idea of what’s going to happen?

Did the VO keep your passport? If yes, they may have couriered to the pick location. Check your status again on CEAC and it should show ‘issued’ if your visa was approved and stamped.

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No, they returned my passport a month ago. I sent an email to check what documents are needed and I got the below email.

I have sent all the requested documents via DHL to the consulate. Do you have any idea how things will turn out?


My latest arrival date on the I20 is 17 Jan 2021. so it is literally 3 working days away.
Do you think it will be an issue in case if they won’t process the application in time?

Do you mean to say 17th Jan 2022? You may need an updated I-20, talk to your DSO.

Sorry, yes it is 17 Jan 22. Will there be any chances of rejection because of this?

The I-20 start date can’t be in past so as your visa application is getting delayed, you will need a I-20 with updated start date in future. I would say work closely with your DSO and explain your visa situation.

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Thank you Kalpesh, I will let you know once I get the update

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Hi Kalpesh,

I thought they might also ask for an updated i20 but they approved it. Collect my passport and hopefully traveling in next semester.

Thank you for responding to me in the uncertain times

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