should I travel on H4 while my H1B is under processing?

My husband and I work for the same employer.He has recently moved to USA on H1B.
I have my H4 stamped and my H1B is under processing.It was filed in april 2012 and current status is initial review.
Based on everyone’s review it looks like this years processing time would be more.
so, can I go to USA on my H4 visa and come back to India when my H1B petition is approved to get my H1B stamped?
Also, is it possible to get the H1B stamped in USA?? since my husband is already there, my employer would be sending me to the same city in USA.If its possible it would save me long trip.

I think, travelling in H4 while your H1B petition is under processing is fine.

You cannot get your VISA stamped inside US. Since your's is a first time H1B, consular processing might be required and thus COS status may not be possible. Hence you might have to go to your home country and get your VISA stamped.