Should I stay in US with EB2 11/01/2014 PD?


I am currently in USA on L1 visa with option for staying another 2 years until 01/13/2024. As with most folks, I am keen on seeing if my PD becomes eligible for filing EAD. However, I am getting some good options outside the country. so I am confused if I should stay back and try my luck with USCIS date movements in next couple of years.

Pl. note that my PD is 12/01/2014. and currently the file through date is 12/01/2011.

Appreciate if you could suggest me possible route.


With the situation of USCIS wasting most of the spillover visas that were available and which was also basis of quick movement in the EB dates for India & China, chances of getting EB2 PD movement up to December 2014 is low. I am wondering why you didn’t downgrade to EB3 in October last year and filed AOS with EAD/AP.

Thank you for the response, Kalpesh,

My employer CTS is not doing the downgrades :frowning:

Do you think even File through date will no progress up to 12/112014 by october 2023 ?

It will be more clear in the October & November visa bulletins on how the ‘date for filing’ chart dates move.