should i say 'homemaker' in my ds-160 for h4? And secondary education includes high school?

I had a business registered in my name that was closed in March 2015. I have not yet surrendered the VAT number etc, however I have had zero income since March 2015 and have not worked at all this past 1year.

I just got married in March 2016. When filling ds-160 for H4, can i say ‘homemaker’ as current occupation?

Under previously employed, I’ve mentioned my business as well as the previous employer before that.

Also, under this question, I answered giving details of only my undergrad degree, and not for 11th & 12th. Is that fine? - Have you attended any educational institutions at a secondary level or above?


Congrats on your very recent wedding. H-4 approval frequency is presently at 97% so your approval chances are very high. Homemaker is the correct entry on DS160, you don’t have to mention a closed business in your employment history. Your answer on education needs to pertain only to undergrad degree. Make sure your primary H-1B sponsor document copies are complete when going for interview. All the best and hope you are able to join your spouse in the US soon.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar,



thank you so much :slight_smile:

one more thing, do i need a copy of every page of my husband’s passport?

For some reason, all page copies, even if many are blank is required This is done by homeland security to check for visas that your husband might hold for countries with whom US does not have a good relationship with.

thank you! sounds like a good enough reason.