Should i report speeding ticket in DS 160 as a conviction

I have a visa interview scheduled in 3 weeks and i received a speeding ticket in national park recently and was asked to pay the fine was not required to go to court should i be reporting this by changing the DS-160 and answering “yes” in security questions about conviction and arrest?

If you were not arrested, you can select NO. Speeding tickets without being arrested do not fall under that.

Thanks for clarifying since national parks fall under federal this is sent to Central Violation Bureau and is hence the concern as it will come under federal background checks if it is being run by VO

Well, frankly, it does not really matter as it is a minor traffic citation and there was no arrest or court appearance required. You can carry copy of the citation and the fine paid with you as backup, if the VO requests for the same.

Hi ChilliPepper, Recently i received a speeding ticket at National park in South Dakota. so i want to know the what are consequences of paying the fine online and Also did VO asked anything on the traffic violation ?

If you were not arrested or as long as you were not cited for “reckless driving” then it falls under normal speeding tickets. I paid the fine and surprisingly it did not reflect on my driving record either not all federal parks report speeding tickets to local DMV but be sure to check your driving history. VO did not ask anything but i did carry my ticket and payment receipt just in case you never know these days they just need a reason.

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Thanks for your response, really helpful. did you check No or Yes in security questions DS160 ?

You should be good with NO

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