Should I move from A to B without answering RFE?


I am currently working for company A who have filed for my H1B. I have recently received an RFE which might take a while to respond. I already have an approved H1B from company B and they want me to join them asap. I also want to join them.

1.Should I leave company A and move to company B? or

  1. Should I wait for company A to respond to the RFE and then move?

  2. Will this RFE affect me in my visa stamping in the future even if I have been working for B?

Please note: RFE involves only docs from the company and nothing from me. H1B approveal from company B was fine with no problems at all.

Need help.

Thank you,


  1. Yes, you can move to the company for whom the visa has been approved. You should not have any problem.

  2. No, you need not wait as it does not matter at all. Any number of employers can apply H1 on your behalf, but it is upto you to whom you want to work for.

  3. I dont think so, as RFE is for more details regarding the position not your background.