Should I go to india to get my H1B visa stamped even if I don't want to leave USA for another year?

My H1b was approved for 2016 and it will be in effect from 1st October. Currently, i fall in CAP GAP after my OPT ended back in JUNE and I have few questions after my H1B approval,

My employer hasn’t provided any document except online receipt # to track my H1B approval status(which says approved), What are the mandatory documents I need to request or should acquire from my employer?Do I need to go to my home country and get my H1B visa stamped even if I am not planning to leave USA for another year?Do I need to get my visa stamped if I want to switch my employer and get H1B transfer? (considering that I have not had any H1b stamping after H1b was approved still my passport will have F1 visa stamp.)

  1. Lot of employers share the 797 approval notice. Ask for it, and then share it w/ your DSO.

  2. You have to look at approval notice to see if it was approved w/ COS or consular processing. If it has been approved with COS, then no stamping is required immediately and you can start working on H-1. If consular processing, then stamping is required.

  3. The new employer can also apply for cap-exempt petition and you can work for them w/o getting the visa stamped. This can happen if you have COS approved either through old or new employer.