Should I go onsite or switch job in India

Hello All,

My current company has processed my H1B visa. I may travel next month and salary will be $ 65000 near Detroit. I have got offer from another company in India for 10 lakhs (40% more than my current pkg). In India my wife is also working and our combined package will be 16 lakhs if I accept the offer from other company. But if i go to US then my wife can’t work on H4 and so we our income will be 65k only. I am not able to decide which is a better option. Please suggest.




I prefer going to onsite, though your wife cant work in US. Getting onsite oppurtunity is difficult than getting new job with good Hike… 40% hike when changing job is nice, but same can be done after going to US and you will get much higher package.

Again this changes from person to person. You are the best judge …

All the best !

I suggest you check out the article : Can you save money in US on H1B Visa , it outlines various expenses and you may need to do some home work on finding the rents in Detroit from your colleagues or online sites so that you consider that.