Should i go for stamping of my family(H4) with mine(H1)?


My H1b was approved in January 2016. Few days back my employer told me to book the appointment for visa interview. I have not get the project in US yet. But because there is a waiting of approx. 2 months in appointment, my employer wants me to take the appointment now.

Now I am going to take the appointment with Embassy for myself, but wondering that should I take the same for my family (Spouse and Daughter – 3 years).

I have below questions:

  1. I have to pay the visa fees (Rs 13000/- approx) for each H1 and H4 holder (Spouse and 3 years daughter), right?

Should I apply for my family(Spouse and daughter) H4 along with my H1b? or I can go for h4 later also?If I am going to take the H4 for my family after few months, like after settling down in US. Can I do this? If yes then what supporting documents I have to provide.What is recommended for H4 stamping along with H1b or separately? In terms of getting visa successfully and with less chances of rejection.What if after booking the appointment and paying the visa fees (40k approx.) my employer refused to provide the supporting document for visa stamping?Thanks in advance for response.

  1. Yes

  2. Both options are available. You all can go together, or they can go later. Picking an option is not a clear choice. If you are confident about your visa stamping approval, then entire family should go together. If you have doubts that your stamping may run into issues, then family should go later or else you would throw money for their stamping as well down the drain.

  3. Yes, this can be done. You would need your recent payslips from US in addition to regular docs like passport, 797, employment letter, visa copy

  4. See above answers

  5. They can do that. Nothing you can do about it

Thanks Saurabh for your reply.

Two more question:

Lets suppose as of now i am going to apply for only my H1b visa and i will get it in 2 weeks time. Then after getting my H1b visa stamped can i apply for their visa without visiting to US(No payslips in this case).
Is that possible or after getting my H1b stamped its mandatory to provide the recent payslips.

Next question:
How many payslips (minimum) i have to show to get their visa stamped?


  1. Yes, they can appear for H-4 interviews even when you have not traveled to US once.
  2. If you have traveled to US and then want to appear for H-4 stamping, then you need to have at least 3 most recent payslips. However, if you have stayed in US for less than 3 pay periods, then all the payslips are required. Makes sense?

Yes Saurabh got it… Thank you so much for your reply