Should i go for premium vs apply for universities on your last chance?

This is my second/last chance to apply for H1-B and I’m on my STEM.My OPT ends this Nov 30th.
Is that correct to spend $1250 or so on premium vs., spend less than $500 to apply for universities?

I have no intentions of going to india soon, until I get results this year’s lottery.

And also, is that a good to file more than 1 petition with different employers?

I heard the story that USCIS will search for the other petition and reject both of them even any one of them is granted…!

Note: If my question is duplicate, please suggest the link.

You can file more than one H1 but from different employers. You are good

In your case, you may not need Premium processing as the lottery result must be out by May end mostly or june atlast

thanks for your answer, and sorry for the delay, I got my H1B picked in 2015.