Should I get new passport before applying H1b?

I am planning to apply H1B on 2013. My passport has validaity upto March 2015. My passport will expire before my H1B visa. So I want to apply for new passport before applying for H1B so that i don’t have to run behind embassy in US. But I have to submit my passport details on before April while applying for H1B and before that I dont have time to apply for passport.

Is it ok to give one passport while applying and submit another passport while stamping?

If I get stamping in old passport, do I need to carry two passport (expired passport with visa and new passport) ?

Yes, it should be fine to give current passport details now and get the new passport in parallel. I am not sure if you can apply for new passport when the old passport is still valid for more than 1 year.

Yes, if the visa stamp is in the old passport, you will have to carry both passports.