Should I cancel my parent's visa appointment (after ofc) and restart all over again?

My parents and brother are planning to come to the US on a B2 visa.

Due to improper planning, I asked my dad to put me as their sponsor on the DS160 forms instead of self even though my dad can easily show that he can self sponsor (substantial monthly income, properties, etc). My dad is in finance in a power company and mom is a housewife. They both have been in the US in 1992 for a few months.

Also the intended duration of stay they added is 3 months for my parents and 1 month for my brother. The biometrics were done last week for my parents and brother, March 25th and visa interview is on April 15th.

After reading more and realizing our case is very weak, my brother decided to drop out of the interview and will be a no-show (is this a bad idea?) because he doesn’t have strong ties (single, self employed, 27) and will weaken my parent’s chances too.

Also, I want to change the sponsorship information on the DS 160 forms (self sponsor) and duration of stay from 3 months to 3 weeks.

What is the best option? We don’t mind forfeiting the fees/appointment and restarting all over.

Thank you !

Check, if you can fill out a New DS-160 form and use that for appointment with the new changes you are mentioning. Work with the customer service, if that is an option. Call them or email them. If they say, it is fine, fill out a new DS-160 and use that for the stamping.
Also, if it cannot be changed, your parents can highlight the mistake in DS-160 and then tell the visa officer that they are sponsoring their trip and show documentation for the same.
I am not sure, if no-show will have negative impact…but, it is better to give the shot than just no show. Frankly, it should not matter, just be confident and go for it.

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Thank you Kumar :slightly_smiling_face: I will contact the customer service, talk to them and ask my dad to tell the VO about self sponsor if DS 160 can’t be changed.

Sure, please share the outcome as it will help others.