Should i apply in Spring 2015 or Summer 2015?

I am an IT ENgineer and have worked with an IT MNC for a little over a year. Last year in August i decided to quit since the quality of work was pretty pathetic. Since then i have been trying to figure out what i need to do next, and have even considered an MBA vs MS situation. In this time, i have also taken some time off to relax and travel all over India. Now im back to studying and have decided to give my GRE soon (next 2-3 months top). I am currently unemployed and trying to focus on acing the GRE.

I am unsure as to wether i should get myself another job, work for a year or so and go for my Masters in Computer Science next Summer or i should probably volunteer at some NGO’s and take up some courses(Android,Cloud Computing,etc) and consider going in for Spring 2015.

Iv been reading around how work ex isnt the primary focus when colleges consider applications for Masters and i really dont want to get back into an MNC where the quality of work is bad. I mean i spent over 13 months in the company without writing a single peice of code. I think classes and learning could be a better use of my time.

Please advice!

It is very upsetting to hear stories from disillusioned engineers. My advice is to round off your first degree with an MBA, why go more technical than you already are? You don’t need to wait till 2015. We can have you here in 2 months and you can start working soon enough if credits transfer correctly. Please email with a copy to me.

Wish you the very best

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA.;

Thank you for in your input Dr. Sandeep Shankar. I have spent the past few months exploring opportunities in Management (marketing,Sales,etc) and have come to a conclusion that i am happier doing something more specific. Also coding has been an interest since i was much younger.

Maybe MBA is on the cards much later when im much more experienced and have some management experience under my belt. For now it will have to be an MS.

Well, it is our loss I guess to miss out on you. Wish you the very best though. For specific coding programs, seek out private institutions. They are more cost effective.

Thanks for your input. Its nice to see people genuinely responding to queries.