should i accept the offer

Hi friends,

I have got an offer with my company in Plano Texas. The yearly package is about 66 K USD (after tax). I plan to move with my wife and 2.5 year old kid from India. Can you give me an idea as to what can I expect to save yearly while living in Plano, Texas? I will be mostly renting a 1BR apartment with basic amenities and will be having a car (basic) as Plano does not have much of public transport. What other costs would I have to consider apart from Rent,Groceries,Car ? Please consider, I will be making 1 round trip to India in a year. I will be on L1 B and my wife and kid will be on L2. Please suggest the amount I can expect to save yearly with the package mentioned above. Also, can I expect any tax refunds in US ? If yes, how much would that be?

Thanks in advance!


This is a very hard question to answer. So I’d suggest resources. eg for housing you can look at craigslist and get an idea of how much it would cost. Same for used cars. I’d also look up cost of car insurance, you can get free quotes online. Thankfully Texas does not have a state income tax, but you still have to pay federal, there are calculators online that’ll let you estimate your take home. How much you save depends on your lifestyle. Plano is definitely one of the cheaper places to stay. However quite frankly 66k for 3 is very tight.

You will be fine. You can rent a larger home for lesser price. Indian groceries can be ordered online. Plano is a low cost city of Texas and you will be taking $4100 home monthly after taxes. Live like a prince :))

Hi sshankar, thx a lot for your answer. I was a bit skeptical after seeing the prev answer :frowning: . Actually I will be taking home around 5k per month if i understand the offer correctly. I am considering 2500 USD as monthly expenses. This includes rent,grocery,utilities,car, internet. I will add 200 USD for a health insurance plan. Is this a fair assessment or should I add any other probable costs? Also, are there any furnished apartments available for rent in this part of USA or I would be better of renting a unfurnished apartment and having some basic furniture set up by myself ? Which will be more cost-effective ? please suggest. Thanks again for help.