Should go to US on my approved H1B or do an MS and study?


I am working in the data analytics domain and have an approved H1B visa (2.5 yr overall work - ex) scheduled to fly by September, 14. Even though I have been a high performer at work, I am not very passionate about it. I really enjoy programming (am a B.Tech in C.S.) and was quite a consistent contestent at coding competitions like google code jam, code chef, etc. because of which I feel like doing a M.S. (CS) at all points of time.

I have some doubts :-

  1. Should I go and work on H1B (owing to the fact not many people in INDIA get that chance) or do an M.S. (take a loan and all)? All the onsites in my org work for some 12 hours (even though thats unethical as per US labor laws) and are given no other option.

  2. I am 25 now and even my work - ex is not in core - development rather is more towards business and analytics (though I can tweak my CV to some extent). Would my work - ex and age cause a hinderance to get a job in U.S. after the completion of M.S.?

  3. My work life balance in my current organization is just pathetic (12 hrs a day), are the CS jobs also gonna be the same?

Please suggest me what should I do? I would really appreciate your comments.