Should DS-160 be created for the Specific Consulate for Drop Box Appointment?

Hello All,

I have my DS-160 created for Hyderabad consulate, but I got Dropbox appointment scheduled for Chennai Consulate. Do I need to submit a new DS-160 for Chennai Consulate? Is it mandatory?

No need to submit new DS-160. Refer to the excerpts below from the link.

The Embassy or Consulate at which you actually apply should be able to access your form using the barcode on your DS-160 confirmation page, which you must bring to the visa interview. For example, a business traveler intends to apply for his visa at the U.S. Embassy in City X, so he selects City X as the location where he will submit his application when he completes his DS-160. He then has an urgent reason to travel to City Y on business. Because there is a U.S. Consulate in City Y, he schedules an appointment for a visa interview there, using the barcode from his completed DS-160 application for appointment scheduling. The U.S. Consulate in City Y is able to accept his DS-160 even though it lists the U.S. Embassy in City X as the location where he originally intended to submit his application.