Shd i go for h-4 visa if my H1 is in Progress


My H1 application is in intial review though I applied in april. Meanwhile my partners H1B is approved. how he has to take a appoitnment for Visa, shd I apply for H4 with him or wait for my H1 processing result. ?

  1. if in case my H1b is approved before the appoinment date of H4 can I cancel my h4 appointment and get a new one for H1b Visa? will this affect the h1b visa result?
  1. Whether to go for H4 or wait for H1B cannot be advised. But I don’t think there will be any issues in going for H4 VISA interview.

    1. Yes, you may cancel your H4 appointment and make a fresh appointment for H1B. In this case, you will have to cancel your VISA Fee remitance and redo all the processes once again.