Sharing My NIW and EB1A DIY Petition Letter (with Prompts for ChatGPT)


Sharing My NIW and EB1A DIY Success Story (with help from ChatGPT)

I wanted to take a moment to encourage everyone who is considering applying for NIW/EB1A, especially given the current PERM delay. I understand the stress that the PERM situation can bring, as I’ve been in that position myself. However, I decided to take matters into my own hands and prepared my NIW and EB1A applications by myself. I submitted them at the end of April and opted for premium processing for both.

I’m thrilled to share that both my NIW and EB1A petitions were approved without any requests for further evidence (RFE). Even though I didn’t have an exceptionally strong background (BAL assessed and declined to process EB1B for me), I persevered and achieved success. Explore my comprehensive website(linked to below petition letter link) dedicated to DIY EB1A and NIW green card applications.

My quick background for reference:

  1. PhD in Social Policy from Brandeis University

  2. Two journal publications + 9 other conference poster/presentation/keynote speaking

  3. 55 citations

  4. Previous research projects related to social policy and public health

  5. Worked 2.5 years at Meta + prior 5 years of consulting work experience

My Petition Letters and Understanding of the Requirements

  • In my understanding of the National Interest Waiver (NIW) petition, it isn’t mandatory to have publications, citations, or a Ph.D. What’s important is to construct a compelling narrative and explanation addressing its three criteria. You can find my detailed NIW petition letter [here] ( -you’ll need too sign up and then can download freely. This will give you an idea of how I interpreted and addressed each requirement in the letter.

    • For each point I made, I made sure to back it up with “objective evidence.” All exhibits and recommendation letters are included as part of this evidence.
  • For the EB1A petition (accessible here-you’ll need too sign up and then can download freely, I have claimed to meet five criteria, though I’m unsure which of these were accepted:

    • Original contributions, as demonstrated by my citations.

    • Awards I’ve received.

    • Scholarly articles I’ve published.

    • A critical role I have played at Meta.

    • A high salary indicative of my expertise and recognition in the field.

    • I used almost identical contents as in NIW for my EB1A petition letter (identical exhibits and recommendation letters as well) but tweaked slightly to suite the new framing.

****Timeline: ****

  1. 1/30/2023: Started preparing the NIW petition letter and explored ideas with ChatGPT.

  2. 2/24/2023: Emailed my draft petition letter to Vincent Lau, an immigration lawyer, for a consult session.

  3. 3/9/2023: Consulted with Vincent Lau(Clark & Lau law firm in Boston). Vincent is a great lawyer but didn’t have bandwidth to take my case at that time. He assessed and recommended me for NIW but not EB1A case as he thinks the minimum for citation for EB1A is ~100. He provided me with a great story line for NIW “Explain in a non technical way: what’s the key problem that this field is facing (needs to be recognized by scholarly, media etc) and how you are solving it.”

  4. 3/10/2023-4/20/2023: Reached out to recommenders, both personal connections and independent individuals who cited my papers. Contemplated between hiring a lawyer and proceeding independently, ultimately deciding to submit both NIW and EB1A applications.

  5. 4/27/2023: Mailed out the NIW petition package with premium processing.

  6. 4/30/2023: Mailed out my EB1A petition package with premium processing.

  7. 5/9/2023: NIW case approved (Cost: $700 + $2500 for premium processing)

  8. 5/15/2023: EB1A case approved (Cost: $700 + $2500 for premium processing).

****Preparing Tips and How to Utilize ChatGPT: ****

  1. Emphasize your past research projects and current work’s impact on society as a whole when preparing your NIW application. Highlight how your work contributes to advancements, improvements, or solutions in your field that have broader benefits for society. Clearly articulate the significance and relevance of your research or work to demonstrate its impact.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the USCIS requirements for NIW and EB1A. Take the time to carefully read and understand these requirements.

  3. Use ChatGPT Plus to brainstorm with you how your background and work align with specific criteria.

  4. Use ChatGPT Plus to write, draft, and edit. I shared my ChatGPT tips, steps and example prompts [in the linked petition letter].

Regarding why I did not use a law firm:

I chose to DIY because of my unique situation, with the incredible support of ChatGPT for editing purposes. Given the urgency of my situation, as I am subject to the May Moment for layoff, I wanted to finalize everything before May. Considering the tight timeline, I didn’t believe any law firm could accommodate my needs. I felt confident in my own expertise and knowledge of my field, which led me to make the decision to DIY my applications. The invaluable assistance provided by ChatGPT has been instrumental in making this process smoother. It truly feels like the best option for me, given the circumstances.

This is a testament to the fact that with determination and proper preparation, it is indeed possible to achieve approval in these categories. So, don’t hesitate to give it a try and pursue your NIW/EB1A dreams. Remember, even if the road seems challenging, success is within reach.

Keep pushing forward and believe in your abilities. Good luck to everyone on their immigration journey! ****Happy to chat/share individually as well. ****

Thanks for sharing your experience with the forum.