Shall we go for H4 stamping or H1 stamping first?

I am in india and my employer ( indian company ) has filed my H1b this year in April 2012. I got my petiotion approved last month. I am planning to go for visa stamping in couple of weeks in mumbai.

My wife is also in India, waiting for her H1 approval . Currently her case is in initial review. Her employer “X” is US based company and client “Y” is also US based company .She was a direct employee in US ( on L2 ) for the same client company “Y” from 2009-2011 .

What is the best option for us under these circumustances.

1. I go for h1 stamping with my wife and get h4 stamping done for my wife. Later once we reach US we will go for H4 to H1 COS for my wife .
2. I go for h1 stamping alone and once my wife get her h1 petiotion approved, she can go later for h1 stamping. if her H1 stamping gets denied she can go for H4 and come to US ( She will not be able to do work in US).

If you suggest # 1 then will it not be a problem as my wife has filed for H1 and it may be approved or RFE or in initial review at that time of my H1 stamping?

Kindly suggest..