Sevis termination and reentry

My Sevis record has been terminated, but I have been admitted into a college, but I was advised to exit the country and return before 30days of resumption… My F1 visa is still valid and I have only incurred 60days of unlawful presence. My fear is exiting, and hoping I won’t be denied entry at the port of entry. Has anyone had this issue and what did you do.

You will need a valid and current I-20, proof of school admission and reasonable time available (6+months) on your stamped F1 visa. Have you been issued a new SEVIS ID number?

No not yet…But I am suppose to pay $200…Yes my visa is for 2years…Would I have issues at the port of entry? And do I have to go to my home country?

I took an authorised early withdrawal from University and my sevis is terminated now I planned to return to different University after 5 months with a new i20 . I have valid visa. Can I renter to us with my new university i20. Can u please help me out