sevis terminated,but visa is valid Can i enter the USA to a new university with a new I20.

Request to answer my query

I went to a university for 2017 spring on F1 visa and took an authorized early withdrawal ,the coursework being the reason. I tried to transfer to other admits but the classes began by then.
I returned to india immediately. My visa status was terminated.

Now I’m getting married and planning to go to another university on F1 visa.

1.Should i face the visa interview again or can i enter the usa with a new I20 from different university?

2.What are the consequences i would face in the visa interview and how to overcome them?

3.Should I mention in the ds160 about the presence of my spouse in the usa. Can I show my spouse as sponsor or should it be only parents?

Please clarify.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding

  1. If your visa has a 5-year validity, it is now a basic travel document. You don’t need another stamping or an interview at consulate abroad

  2. You do need an active SEVIS ID and a new I-20. This is mandatory for travel.

  3. There is no interview required. You don’t need to apply for a new visa if there is sufficient validity with regard to time.

  4. Your spouse can be at any location. Simply declare the location truthfully. It is not relevant anyway.

  5. A DS160 is no longer needed, you don’t need an interview or provide answers in that form. The University however will need to know the source of funds for your education, it can be your legal spouse or another source, it really doesn’t matter as long as the source is the guarantor of funds.

I am going thru same kind of thing. Can you tell me what happened in your case ?