SEVIS terminated because of F1 COS denial

I had applied for F2 to F1 COS in May 2020 and started part-time in Aug 2020. COS was taking a lot of time, so I went to India for stamping in Dec 2020 and started full time in Jan 2020. However, I received a COS denial in September 2021 with the reason that it was abandoned because I left the country.

And with this, my SEVIS got terminated. I don’t know how to move forward. My DSO is saying that they will request SEVP to reactivate my SEVIS but it’s not guaranteed and I could loose my CPT and OPT.

@Kumar Can you please help?

The COS denial shouldn’t impact your current I-94 issued by CBP when you entered on F1 visa. This is a DHS/SEVP issue and your college should help fix it using the copy of your I-94 issued by CBP and F-1 visa stamp.
Talk to a lawyer in case your DSO isn’t able to help.