Severance pay, h1b visa - Last Date for Grace period, Pay Check later?

Got fired and employer issued 4 checks after that. 1st paycheck was for the period till I was employed (it was a regular check). 2nd check was for unused PTO that I was paid 3rd and 4th check were for 80 hours of severance pay and stated severance pay instead of 40 hours pay period.

Consulted an immigration lawyer which waiting on pending new h1b petition filed couple of weeks after last severance paycheck, lawyer said that employed was legally obligated to pay all of that money on 1 paycheck and can’t keep paying someone like me on h1b after firing me. Is it correct?

I do not care about delayed paychecks, I want to understand what my last day of employment was for h1b petition purpose. Was it the day I got fired? was it the day of my 1st paycheck showing pay for period till I was working? Was it they day I for a paycheck showing that I for paid for unused PTO? Was it the day I got the last severance paycheck?

Technically, they would need to pay you in your last paycheck all the dues, they cannot just postpone.

Yes, your last date of employment is the last date of your final status and you get 60 days from that day. Your severance pay check does not matter, that could be just the payment cycles…from your employer side, they do not maintain your I-9 from the last day of your employment, so that’s what matters for USCIS.