Select 'MIS' or 'CS' as major , being an non-cs student

Hi All,

Currently I am working in MNC.Have completed B.E in 2009. Planning to give GRE end of Aug , 2012. Although I am very confused about which major to select. I have done my Engg. from Electronics , but working as software developer since last 2 years. I am really not interested to go for majors related to electronics , although me too confused between 'MIS' and 'CS'. Being an person from non-cs background what would be favourable for me. Please help....

It depends on where you see yourself in next few years. Do you want to work in Management or Do you want be in core engineering designing products, coding, technical architects, etc…
If you are more inclined towards business side, MIS is a good option.
If you are more interested in Core Comp Science and Engineering Software, you can prefer MS in Comp Sciences.