Seeking for a sponsor

Good morning! My name is Julia and I wanted to ask if you can help me. I am Russian and I am now in the USA and I am married to an American citizen. We applied for a green card for me, but he was not qualified as a sponsor because his financial history for the past 3 years is not perfect. We dont have anyone else to help us and I was wondering if its possible to get a piece of advice or any help from here? Or maybe you know where can I find a sponsor? Thanks

The deadline is mid-April. Requirements for a sponsor:

  • older than 18 years o

  • not sponsoring anyone at the moment and aren`t being sponsored

  • USA citizen or permanent resident

  • has a stable good financial history for the last 3 tax years (2021-2023) (125 % above the poverty line based on his household size), can provide tax returns and W2s for those years

  • makes enough money now (based on his household size plus 1 (me), for example, if his household was of 1 then with me it is 2, so it should be at least $26.000, they need proof (last month’s of paychecks)

We understand that those are particular and strict requirements, that’s why my husband is not qualified but we hope you guys may help us.

Thank you very much!

Only your spouse can sponsor you as his wife, no one else. If he doesn’t qualify financially, I am afraid but you dont have much options. Consult a goos immigration lawyer and follow their advice.