second time H4 visa stamping after second marriage

I was married and went to US on H4 visa, stayed there for 6 years. Came back to home country and got divorce as we had diferences. He went back to US on this H1. My H4 visa was expired in my passport. I got married again and got new passport and I changed my last name. I also added my spouse name in my passport. Now my husband went to US on H1. And Iam planning to go for H4 visa stamping. What would be expected questions. What all documents I need to carry. Please help me.

You need to fill DS 160 Form correctly mentioning the facts in relevant columns

Specially about previous visa and visits.

Then carry yr original Divorce decree.

Also New Marriage Certificate and Full Wedding photo album.

Just state the facts truthfully and properly in DS 160 form and Interview