Second RFE during H1b processing


I am currently on L1 and applied for H1B under regular processing COS. Received RFE and replied on oct 18th with regular processinlg only . It was in RFE review status till Nov17th. on Nov 18th again it changed to RFE and the statement says " We have mailed a notice requesting for extra info " . The first RFE was regarding project details.

Please advise

  1. Is it normal to receive two RFE ?

  2. What are my chances after getting second RFE … Does this mean 1st RFE is approved ?

  1. Yes, I see people getting two RFE’s. may be there need few more supporting docs

  2. U dont need to worry, until U have all genuine and proper documentation. ur Employer/Attorney must take care, follow up with them

Thanks RaNa…finally on 22nd my case got approved …will be heading for interview shortly.