Second Master CPT terminated - Visa interview Questions?


I am doing my 2nd Master in US that is 1st day CPT.

Now, I got my H1b petitipon approved and my COS(Change of status) denied. so i am going to india for VISA interview on 18th Oct. But my current CPT terminated on 1st Oct and i keep working for two weeks as i was working on critical project.

what will be the effect on me during VISA interview after my CPT terminated and i kept working for two weeks?

what should i reply when VO asked why i kept working even after my CPT terminated?

Dhaval Shah

Well, it may…hard to say, how well their backend systems are connected. In general, if USCIS has given you a COS denial, they believe that you violated status…

You need to tell the truth, you cannot just make up something that is not true. Be honest and try to give your best answer based on your situation…

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