scope after ms in telecommunication/renewable engineering in the USA ?


I am planning to do MS in one of the two options - 1) Telecommunications 2) Renewable and Sustainable.

what are my chances of getting a job and scope in the US after graduation in the mentioned fields? Would I be able to get a H1B visa sponsor?

I am will be applying to

	 U[b]niversity of  Maryland, University of Southern California, University of Colorado, Boulder, SYRACUSE University, NYU(Brooklyn), Oklahoma State University, Rochester Institute of Technology[/b]  for TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERING.                                  

	[b]     [/b][b]Wright State University,[/b][b] Oregon Institute of Technology,[/b][b]      [/b][b]Carleton University,[/b] [b]University of Massacheutes, [/b] Amherst for RENEWABLE AND SUSTAINBLE ENGINEERING.

I am an ECE, BTech, 3rd year student from D.C.E., Delhi.

Kindly Reply,


Aakash, it is probably too early to think of Job and H1B Visa sponosrship. If you get into right school and purse your options right with internship, you should be fine to get a job. First get your admission to good school. Plan for internship in first semester, so that you can do one after 2 semesters, that will lead to a job and H1B sponsrship.