Savings in US with 60k annual salary for H1b

Hi Team,

Need your input for the questions below regarding saving in offshore vs onsite with given packages.

I have got my h1b petition selected in lottery this year and currently having few offers in offshore ranging from 13.5lpa - 14.5lpa . In this scenario, wanted to know should I opt for h1b us opportunity or accept the offer in hand in India.

PS - I’m single and live a moderate life and please help me in deciding considering all these facts.


A lot depends where you will be in US. I am more aware of San Francisco Bay Area, and here this would be a very basic salary. You won’t have much savings in SF on this salary. Good news is that if you are qualified, then you can change employers and move to a better paying job.

Thanks Saurabh. I am curious to know the range of savings (max and min approx) can be made per month considering it may vary across cities in US. I would plan accordingly and decide whether to move or not. Am not very keen on staying more than 2/3 yrs.

I can again respond from SF perspective. You can save 1000-2000 USD per month if you live a very strict restricted life here.

Major expense would be rent, which could be 1000-2000 depending upon where you stay here in Bay Area.

In a not so expensive area, the savings may be more closer to 2000 or more.

Thanks for your guidance.