San Diego in 65k... is it worth

Hi Guys, I am going onsite on H1B to San Diego CA. Salary I am gonna get is 65k (gross). My wife is also working in an IT firm. I am planning to take her on dependent visa. She’ll come on Loss of Pay as of now. I spend decently and no extra expenditure. Do you people think that I can target for a decent life with somewhere around 1500 saving ( third month onwards after initial settlement). Thanks in advance.

The salary is on the lower side.

CA has around 9% state tax and 9% sales tax. Your in-hand may be around 40-45K which results in around 3.5K per month.

Rent may be around 1800 (you can check craigslist to see current rental openings and rates) and other expenses may be around 1000. This gives you a saving of around $700.

Being on H-1, you can always change job to a better paying one, and your wife can apply for H-1 next year. So you should factor that as well in your decsion making.