Same Dropbox Appt H1 to H4 DS160


I have a confirmed dropbox appointment that is tied to my H1b DS-160. However, i have had to unexpectedly change to H4 visa.

I have created a new DS-160 application for the H4 visa. Unfortunately, i am unable to update the dropbox appointment with this new DS-160 number. I am unable to find any new appointments for the next 2.5 months and so wanted to confirm if i can keep my existing dropbox appointment and bring both old and new DS160 to notify the officer? Does anybody have experience with this scenario?

Thank you for your help!

The issue is that during the appointment scheduling you should have entered your status as H1B so now that you changed the status, your appointment information with consulate will not match with the new DS-160 your submitted.

I think you will need a new appointment however double check with VFS.

Thank you for the feedback.