Same customer 3 different locations pls help

We seem to have an issue around LCA. We have our h1 visa stamping interview in 2 days. Our i129 had address A. Our customer changed location to address B. But my employer has filed LCA against address C which is basically our employer’s office. My HR is claiming that they usually only file LCA with its own office. A point to note is that all these addresses are within 50 miles radius. I am going to work at customer location at address B. I also have a notification letter from my employer that my pay or my responsibility has not changed and that I will be working in address B. So will we have an issue if I say I will be working at address B which is also the truth. Mine is a h1 new and I have a valid i797. Pls advice.

There are many variables in the paperwork.
Please answer yourself for few questions like “Why did you file LCA for Location C while your work location is Location A(at least at the time of filing)?”. Also as long as you are being paid the highest of these three location’s prevailing wages, you are good from the pay perspective.
USICS got a loose rule of saying “As long as the new location is within the daily commutable distance, you are OK with the changed location” But 50 miles may not be convinced as the daily commutable distance(I may be wrong, but you must be able to convince)

In any event, telling truth is very important. Convincing comes over it. But if you are caught telling lie at any point, would mess up your target to a greatest extent. Analyze your options carefully, prepare with your answers for any clarification raised by the officer. Good luck.