Same client, different vendor -- L1B visa possible?


I am an Indian citizen and resident. I was employed for 5 years by company A (India), which was a vendor to client company B. I recently switched to company C (India, with parent company in the US). Company C also has company A as client. Can my new employer B file for my L1B to the US, even though it has been less than year at this company? I can legitimately argue that my my specialized knowledge gained while working for company A were exactly the same as I will need with my new employer, because the onshore client and project are the same.

Please advise.

Dude… i am on L1B in US… it is a skill driven Visa. You can’t transfer the L1B between the employers. Since you have changed your employer, you have applied for the L1 again and travel. Yes since the client is same you can use the same skill set for the visa stamping purpose… Visa officer least bother about your project as it is some client of not….