Same client and Company, location changed with new LCA - H1B Stamping due

My H1B recently got approved after an RFE asking for Client SOW and Manager’s Letter, which was shared and now I need to go for H1B stamping.

The problem I'm facing is that my I129 mentions "Client A's address", but I would be working from one of my Employers office for the same Client A. (My employer is a Top MNC, headquaters are in different location all together) 

The address mentioned in I129 for the client is in different state i.e. State A, and my employers office is in State B. My employer has provided me with a new LCA for State B. 

So the situation is [b]Same Client > Same Employer > Different location[/b] and that too of Employer and not Client A location as mentioned in I129.

1.  What should I mention in DS 160 as my intended work location? If I mention State B, it will differ from I129.
2.  Is this documentation sufficient i.e. taking new LCA to go for stamping, and would the VO be convinced? By the way new LCA also has different street from intended location, but same county, city, state  (i.e. within 50 miles)
3.  Is any H1 amendment required even if the client and employer are same, but location is now Employer location.
4.  There is also a difference in Salary in new LCA and salary mentioned in I129. Salary in new LCA is greater than in I129. What should I mention?

My employer says mention salary as per new LCA and location as per intended location since it is within 50 miles of New LCA location, so there should not be any problem.

Please advise if any of the above would cause any problems. Thanks for any help and information.