Salary Expectations

My ‘chance’ HiB lottery selection seems to be converting into a travel prospect and I am getting indications from my current employer that the proposed location would be Jersey City, NY with an annual package of USD 145k, with comprehensive insurance and car allowance provided by my employer. I am guessing any co-pay will be in the limits of less than 250 - 400 USD per annum

I will be relocating with my family (wife and kid, 3 years old) and would like to know if the above number is a decent one, Accounting for USD 2k rent + USD 180 internet and utilities + USD 750 for a car + USD 160 for public transport + USD 1400 for day care + USD 450 for office expenses

Great if you could advice if the above numbers are unrealistic or too less. Also any ball-park estimations on tentative savings (currently at USD 36000) would be appreciated

Best Regards, VSSR


There are a few salary calculators/resources that are on the web. A quick google search showed me a few, maybe this will help you know. Wish you all the best!

Nomad Credit Team