Roles & Responsibilities ,Duties, Designation

Hi Friends,

Please help to clarify below questions for H1B visa stamping

  1. what roles and responsibilities i need to mention: As per resume or LCA document?

  2. how would they validate whether my roles and responsibilities or correct do they have any documents regarding same?

  3. Do i need to mention my Salary mentioned in LCA?

  4. Designation: is it Petitioner provided or Client Designation: My Employer is my Petitioner.

My client designation is different than Employeer, which one we need to Specify for visa stamping.



  1. For your H-1 position, it should match the LCA or any other document that employer would have submitted to USCIS

  2. Not sure how they validate, but they may match your role and responsibility to your submitted resume, work experience and education to see if you qualify. If the VO suspects, he may ask some very basic questions about the technology just to gauge your confidence level.

  3. Yes, your salary for all purposes is what is mentioned in the LCA. If the employer has issued an offer letter containing salary, then quote that. It is important that this offer letter salary is not less than LCA salary.

  4. Petitioner