Risk of travel on OPT - myth/fact?


I am curious to know whether risk of travel on OPT is a myth or a fact. My OPT start date is July 2, 2012. I have started my employment at a reputed company. I intend to travel to India in December 2012 for my wedding. I have heard from people that travel on OPT is quite risky. Also heard that the risk is more for males than females AND if the travel is closer to end of OPT rather than before/close to OPT start date. I would be mid-way in my OPT if I travel in December.

Can someone throw some light on the risk I will be taking in case I travel to India this December? Does anyone know of instances where people have been denied entry to the US despite having relevant documents (EAD Card, employment letter)?

Any help on this question is much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Its defnitely NOT gender biased.

From the cases I know of…there are people who travelled after 4months of starting their OPT and got denied for re-entry…and as well there are people who travelled with less than 4 months left on OPT…they were allowed to re-enter.

It defnitely depends on case by case and how port-of-entry deals with these situations.