Right time to start for Coming H1B Process?

Hi, I have 5years of exp in IT, would like to start for coming H1B process. Will i be able to get a sample process plan? to start working on it. Please help me out to start with process.

H1B is major event in One’s life. It is a Route where everything in Life get changed.

For H1B process you can now only apply for Next Year quota which will start from april-1-2014 for (2014-2015).

You need to do your home work well ahead. You should start it from December 2013 itself.

if you are trying on your own, You need to Find out an Sponsor/ Empolyer who can file your H1B. If you have any contact in US seek thier Help in your Aspiration to find a Employer for you.

Myvisajobs.com i think here you can find some information.

Once you find a sponsor they will provide you the checklist of documents. you need to work on that and you shoul dcollect all required doc till Feb end and send to ur epmolyer thet will verify and ask if any thing else is required

and They will file your H1B when teh time starts that is 1- April 2014. And if everything goes well H1b will be approved withing 6 months depends on type of processing Regyular or Premium. you have good chances for applying next year as Quota is increasing.

Hope this is helpful; please know any more info is required



To add to Vishal, here is a sample plan that lists all the steps : http://redbus2us.com/apply-h1b-visa-2014-preparation-sample-plan/
You just have to shift the dates by one year :slight_smile: