RFE with further documentation to demonstrate your H-1B employment with the company


My company(X- a well know service based company) in India has applied my H1b and has mentioned client name(Y) in the job profile. Today my status has been changed from Initial Review to RFE(request for evidence). I've checked with my legal team in US for the reason for RFE and they've replied USCIS has asked for further documentation to demonstrate my H-1B employment with the company(X-US). I've some queries regarding this:

	Will mentioning client name(Y) in proposed job info will effect my approval considering I'm working for this client Y from last 2.6 years and my company has global contract with the client?

	How my US legal team will demonstrate USCIS regarding my employment with company?

	What sorf of required documents will Legal team mail to USCIS?

	Is there any effect this RFE on approval/rejection?

	How much delay will it cause to whole process?

	Time to respond USCIS?


Any help will be appreciated.