RFE - Unable to get client letter


H1B was filed for me during April and the status changed from Initial Review to RFE last week. I got the list of documents which needs to be submitted from USCIS which included the SOW and Client letter. When the petition was filed i was in a different project and i have moved to the new project only 2 months ago. I spoke with the Deputation cell and they asked me to get the SOW and Client letter from my previous project.

I will be able to get the SOW but not the Client letter as i am no more associated with that project. Can you please let me know if Client letter is a must or is there any other option available?


Nataraj R

In this case it is better to file for an Amendment with change in Client. The process has to start with LCA, and then going for petition amendement with new client letters and contract. This will make your life easier, and chances of approval will be greater.