RFE Response review is almost a month. Does this means my visa is rejected?

Got an rfe and submitted the required documents on september 17th 2012. Till now (16th october) no change in the status. My quote in the visa is that project due date is till April 2013. Does delaying of response means that my visa got rejected?

I got a similar kind of RFE and responded on 03rd Oct and still no response . Mine is premium . Did you make your VISA as premium ?

My visa is under normal processing. Still waiting for response.

I think I saw people with up to 3 months (90 days) in RFE Review here. Don’t lose faith, it could still get approved!

Do not worry, you will get approval in a week or two. You may tell your employer to call after 14 days of RFE response.

Got my petition approved on October 22nd!!!
Thanks for all ur comments…
Can u give some tips for the visa interview???