RFE Response Review H1B 2015

Its been more then 3 and half months and the case hasn’t moved further . What are my chances of getting approved ? Is there anyone waiting like me for more then 3 months

my case details:Regular Processing.

California centre.
H1 application submitted : 01-Apr-2014.
receipt : 18-Apr-2014 (Lottery)
RFE : 19-May-2014
RFE response submitted : 26-Jun-2014

PS : Employeer not agreeing for upgrading .

It all depends on what RFE is…If you want to process faster - Premium processing - $1.2K

Hi i have same scenario since 4 month no change in status

Hi I have filed my application on 1st April 2014,

I got RFE on 29th May 2014,

Attorney sent rfe response on 18th August 2014

Still my application is in the status RFE Response Review .

Already is 4 months but no change in status…i am very panic about this …anybody have any experience like this please let me know .

I asked employer to change to premium process but attorney said there no point to change to premium.