RFE responded date

Hi Saurabh,

This is regarding my H1-B Extension. I have applied for my extension on April 8th. It is non-premium.

I was shared a receipt number after 5 days by my employer. I was issued RFE on April 23. I have checked the uscis website with my case status. It show as Initial review. The RFE was about paystubs, employment history. All the docs were submitted on 9th May. It reached uscis on 12 th may. My employer shared the UPS tracking #. My status was not changed to anything and was in in initial review till yesterday. It changed to RFE responded, but it shows a message like that they received the Response on 28th May. Even though they received it on 12 may, the status is showing different dateā€¦ Is this is common? can i pay on my own for premium processing if my employer is not willing to upgrade PP.