RFE responded but status still in Initial review?

Hi Saurabh/ Friends,

I got an rfe and my employer responded to the same.First time clock stopped on 3rd june.

On 21st june the pp clock was restarted but my status since i received my rfe and the first time pp clock started is in Initial review. Quite Surprising.

No change of status like request for evidence/ request for response request evidence.It’s still Initial review?
Is it normal because i assume status should have changed from the time i received rfe. IS this a good sign that my online status never went for RFE stage or a technical glitch .

I understand that though i will get the response within 15 days calculating from 21st june?Any tentative time (i mean based on experience/frnd’s inputs) as when can i expect response( today is the fourth day of my pp clock).


It is ok if it went to IR instead of RFE response review.

Time would vary from case to case. Some get processed within a day or response submission, while others take the max (15).

Thanks for the reply Saurabh.
Just want to know 15 days would be considered as 15 calendar days…i mean need to count SAT/Sun as well or they are excluded?

Calendar days include Sat, Sun and July 4th holiday.

Thnx Saurabh…
In that case i should hear soon as today is 8th day of pp clock (Restarted)…


Could you please share your experience now. I am on the same situation. Applied in PP. Got an RFE. Responded to RFE but still in IR till 9 days (includes weekends). When did you receive the descission in your case?



I recvd 2 RFE's and then denial notice.