RFE responded after I-797 notice received, will USCIS review the response?

I’d received an RFE on my H1B petiion in September that was responded in October and at the same time the petition was upgraded to premium. Within 6 days of upgrading to PP, second RFE was issued, received the 2nd RFE details after 15 days of issuance. In the meanwhile, petition also got approved even before the 2nd RFE was responded by my employer. Now, my employer has responded to the 2nd RFE after receiving the I-797 approval notice. Even after 10 days of receiving the response, USCIS status still shows approval and there is no change in status. Kindly answer the below questions:

  1. Will USCIS again review the documents and revoke the approval?

  2. Will Premium Processing timelines still be applicable i.e. will USCIS review the RFE response within 15 days? Employer says that we should give 4 weeks to USCIS before follow-up.

  3. For how long should I wait before I proceed for stamping?

Same thing happened with me.

My RFE got converted to Approval within 2 days. We also received the RFE and also the approved I-797.

USCIS will not review your RFE response once it approved. The response is neglected.

Dont worry you can directly schedule the interview like I already got it done.