RFE Respns Review more than 90 days.Service request raised wtng for 25 days

Hi All,

My Case:

Centre - [b]WAC[/b]

Filed Date - [b]8-Apr-2013[/b]

Quota - [b]Regular/ Regular[/b]

RFE Date - [b]23-Jun-2013[/b]

RFE Response Review - [b]Changed to this status on 1-Jul-2013[/b]

Its been close to 90 days and still we are yet to get any response from USCIS. [b]Raised a service request on 6th-Oct[/b]. The [b]SLA[/b] for Service request is [b]15 days[/b], but still we are yet to get any response.

What shall I do now. Is there any other way to check the status with USCIS.

Kindly answer.



RFE Waiting

Any updates on your case?? I have also been waiting for the last 4 months on RFERR

After the first SR, we raised another one. And after few days my H1B was denied.

opps… hard luck