RFE recieved requires end client letter , SOW and MSA

Hi Saurabh,

I am require to submit below documents

  1. End client letter

  2. Sow and MSA

I have a client letter for 1 year and USCIS has asked for end client letter 2.5 yrs

My Company does not share SOW and MSA for Visa(Compliance guideline)

I wanted to know what else documents can be submitted with my previous client letter in order to get my H1B approved?

Probably, the H-1 was filed for 2.5 years duration and that’s why they are asking for 2.5 years.

Your employer can submit the current client letter (unless client is ready to provide the extended letter) saying that 1 year is the current term but it can be extended in future. Maybe the client has a policy of issuing client letter in increment of 1 year only.

As for SOW and MSA, the company can submit a letter stating that they cannot include these because of their compliance guideline. If they have that guideline published somewhere, then send that information as well.